Montag, 10. November 2008

Forever Young

Aspiring to work in an industry where looks are everything has left me excited but somewhat worried. If ever there was a time to take one hard look at myself it is now. And albeit the fact that I am blessed with a fairly nice complexion I can't help but notice a few wrinkles creeping up my forehead (and not just when I look at the price-tags at this season's Balenciaga bags).
Next stop: Dr. Forschner, dermatologist to the rich and famous. After a thorough examination of my skin he suggests a cycle of La Roche Posay's Biomedic peels. This light chemical peel is designed for people with sensitive skin (moi) and is applied at your dermatologist's office over a course of a month or so, depending on skin type. Prior to the treatment patients are supposed to prep their skin at home with a special peel serum for two weeks. 
Dr. Forschner seems to be not just cute (always a plus in a dermatologist), but also a mind-reader. "You will not look like Samantha in Sex and the City", he says when he notices the worried look on my face. "There will be some redness, but you will be flawless in time for the holiday season." Images of Cate Blanchet's exquisite porcellan-tinted face flash before my eyes as I sing up for the treatment. Flawless face? Check. Now I just need the body to go with it.


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