Montag, 10. November 2008

What Not To Buy

Times are bad, apparently. People aren’t getting anymore loans and their walltes are empty at the and and beginning of each month. Turns out, I’ve been living in an economical crisis all along. And while some of us may have found the concept of a consistent wardrobe utterly dull in the past, this is the time to get real. The good news is that savvy shopping means you can actually spend more on any one single piece. You can and should invest in only the finest of fabrics and immaculate designs. What goes out the window – or should I say: stays in the window? – is anything that will last you only a season due to poor quality or medial over-exposure (ra-ra-skirts, anyone?). So here is your guide to what not to buy this season:

1. Matiko Boots
Apart from being the ugliest footwear since Crocs hit the planet (hard), that whole etno-inspired Mokkasin-Shmokkasin will over before the first snow falls. So, unless you’re planning a trip to Himalaya’s base camp, steer clear and invest in some real winter boots (solid leather and fur-lined) instead. A rubber wedge is pactical and looks cute.

2. The Boyfriend Cropped Jeans
Nobody looks good in them. Ankle-length or rolled up hems look good on skinny jeans only. Since they need to be worn with bare legs an
d preferrably high-heels they are no fit for the upcoming cold weather. Flares (think Love Story) look good now and will continue to do so.

3. The Circus-dress, -pants, -gloves, -bag
Ever wonder why the villain in horro-classic „It“ is a clown? Exactly. Clowns are scary. And even if they were funny, fashion isn’t. Never was. Never will be. (Björk, do you copy?).

4. That Miu Miu dress
Okay, first, talk about over-exposure. This dress has been featured everywhere from Athens to Zimbabwe and will look dated starting Jan, 1st at precisely 00:01 a.m. And while Miu Miu’s fall collection of 2008 undoubtedly had it’s creative moments on the runway, come on: scuba? Really??

5. That Prada Bag
Miuccia Prada has said she wanted „to take something really ugly and turn it into something beautiful“. 
`nuff said.

6. Uniform Jacket
Members of the Marching Band weren’t cool in High School. What makes you think they are now?

7. Comme des Garcons for H&M Dress
My theory is that Rei Kawakubo secretly wants to get back at the high street buyers with this design. Mission accomplished.


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